"Fly Away"
indie feature film by director Janet Grillo and executive producer Catherine Hardwicke
(SXSW Official Selection 2011)
"Cat Dancers"
an HBO feature length doc by director Harris Fishman
(SXSW Audience Award)
"Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child"
a feature length documentary by director Tamra Davis
(Sundance Official Selection 2010)
"Red Sands"
a Sony Pictures release by director Alex Turner
"Shadow Billionaire"
a feature length doc by director Alexis Manya Spraic & BMP films
TRIBECA Film Festival Official Selection
"The Gallows Tree"
an indie feature directed by Todd Allen Brissette
an indie feature by director Steven Sprung
(soon to air on Showtime)
a feature length documentary film by director Ben Byer
a short film by Sean & Shane McAllen
"City In The Sea"
a short film by Nia Malika Dixon


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"Sounds absolutely incredible..."
BBC's The World Today

"String Theory's music is extremely cinematic."
- Joe Bini - Editor "Grizzly Man", "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" etc.

The breadth of Luke's musical capabilities really allowed for a collaboration experience that was both personally rewarding, and seamlessly woven into the tapestry of the film."
Harris Fishman, Director, "Cat Dancers" - HBO Documentary Films

I recently had the pleasure of working with Luke Rothschild on the score for the feature film Dispatch, which I directed. In addition to being a wonderful composer and arranger, Luke is a pleasure to work with; collaborative, creative and open. Creating the right score for Dispatch was a challenge, because of the film's stark, realistic tone. Yet Luke's music exceeded my expectations. He wrote and produced a score that was both impactful and subtle, providing music that perfectly supported the drama and heightened the gravitas, suspense and humor in the film.
Steven Sprung, Director, "Dispatch" (indie feature)

Luke Rothschild is as collaborative as he is gifted. While his music bears a distinctive, playful sensuality, and virtuosic complexity, he is versatile. Luke is able to bend his unique sensibilities around a filmmaker's needs and vision. Plus, he's really fun! His open spirit and inherent sweetness turns problem solving into a shared process of joyful and creative investigation.
Janet Grillo, Director, "Fly Away" (indie feature)

I immediately loved that your compositions were so visual and emotional, they had no trouble syncing up perfectly with my motion picture. Your input and advice was very important to me. Best of luck with all you do and I hope to work with you again in the future. Your film score work and original presentations of music are amazing and unique.
Tamra Davis, Director, "Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child"